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In 1908, the then- OranjeVroue Vereniging was founded by volunteers and today still form the backbone of Free State Care in Action (FCIA).  These volunteers assisted FCIA to become the leader in the welfare field in the Free State by maintaining, growing and developing the organisation over the years. The volunteer corps of FCIA changed drastically over the last few years to adjust to the changed circumstances and needs of the society. Today the organisation welcomes anyone (regardless of race, gender or age) who wants to serve the community to relieve the needs of the underprivileged. This contributes to breaking down barriers and building wonderful friendships and partnerships.

600 volunteers are involved with the following services:

  • Poverty relief
  • Management of the organisation
  • Parental Guidance
  • Services to older persons
  • Prevention programmes
  • Job creation projects
  • Holiday projects for children
  • Empowerment and development projects
  • Emotional support to traumatized children.

Volunteers also take the lead with fundraising (that is essential to the sustainability of the organisation).


  • A person indicates that he/she is willing to make a contribution to the services of FCIA.
  • The person becomes involved in a service or activity of the organisation.
  • A volunteer registration form is available from your branch/service provider and must be completed and signed. The volunteer also undertakes to make known his/her identification details, in order to maintain the Volunteer Database of the organisation. FCIA undertakes not to divulge any identification particulars to any other establishment and that all information will be dealt with confidentially.
  • The volunteer receives a registration-card from his/her branch/service provider which is valid for one year. The volunteer can wear the registration-card when he/she is working on a project in the community.
  • Honorary volunteers need not register. Applicable information must be passed on to Head-office annually.