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How will bringing a foster child into my home impact on my family?

You may be curious as to how foster care will impact on your life and your family.  Each foster child will have their own unique set of needs and circumstances that brought them into foster care. These circumstances will impact on the behaviour of the child and their behaviour will impact on you and your family. But how?

The family routine

Fostering a child will change the atmosphere of your home and the amount of time you have available.  The foster child’s age may require that your family’s routine must change.  Foster children may need to attend sessions with social workers, psychologists or other professionals. Foster parents are responsible for transporting foster children to and from these appointments.  FCIA will assist your family by matching foster children that will fit into your family’s routine.  The social worker will guide foster parents in getting and adapting to a new routine.

The children

Adjusting to incoming foster children can be difficult for biological children.  The adjustment to the presence of foster children and the changes it brings in family relationships may lead to changes in your child’s behaviour. Biological children need to be supportive and on board in your decision to care for a foster child. FCIA Social workers will assist you in preparing your biological children for foster care.  Foster parents will receive parental guidance in addressing their children’s behavioural and emotional issues caused by foster care.

The marriage

Marriage can be tough.  Bringing a foster child into the family can put even more strain on any relationship.  It is important that you and your spouse are both in agreement when it comes to being a foster parent.  You will have to rely on your spouse for help, strength and decision making. Having skills such as listening and communication is important to ensure a healthy relationship.  FCIA provides support to couples and families by teaching the necessary relationship skills and providing counseling when needed.

Foster care is the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. While it can be rewarding, it is important to understand the challenges foster care will bring.