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Our Services 2021

FCIA is a non-profit organization and distinguishes itself from other welfare organizations by delivering services to all people regardless of religion, gender or age.

We protect, safeguard and develop children

Including: social work services, protection of vulnerable and abused children, supervision services to children in foster care, therapeutic services, awareness campaigns, puppet shows and information days on children`s rights and protection, leadership and values, holiday programmes, projects for street children, day care facilities, after school centers etc.

We look after adults and families Including: counseling on domestic violence, parental guidance groups, prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, HIV and AIDS counseling, support and information programmes.

We care for the elderly

Including: homes for the elderly, healthcare, homecare, meals, social activities and recreation and other support services in the community.

We help with social relief and poverty alleviation

Including: food parcels, soup kitchens, blankets, clothing banks.

We develop and empower communities

Including: community projects and income generating projects.