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Role of preschool in my child’s development

A lot of pressure is placed on children when they reach grade 1.  The pre-primary school prepare the toddler to handle this pressure. Parents often feel that they can prepare their children themselves, but there are developmental stages which remain behind.

  • Emotional development: At the age of 4, the toddler is still very self-centered and egocentric. Working in a class helps to make the toddler more aware of friends and to take into account the needs of others. The pre-primary school also promotes independence and independent behavior that leads to a positive self-esteem. Therefore children get the confidence to discover and explore.
  • Social development: Playing develop in different phases of the child’s life. At the age of 5, important development takes place on a social level. For healthier emotional and social development, the toddler needs friends. This is not always possible at home.
  • Large and fine motor development: It is important that children play outside. Running, crawling, climbing, swinging and sliding contributes to the formation of skills needed for writing and learning at a later stage. Major motor development forms the basis for all other development phases. Fine motor developed influences the toddler’s handling of a paintbrush, pencil grip and how they are using a scissor.
  • Concentration, listening skills and memory: Concentration is important for Grade 1, but is a skill that needs to be practiced. Everyone’s concentration improves when building puzzles, listening to stories or doing sorting work. Children must learn to listen with understanding so that they can successfully complete assignments. In preparation for Grade 1 the toddler needs to develop in terms of spatial orientation, mathematical skills, problem-solving, research skills and perceptual skills. It is in the development of these skills that the qualified teacher or facilitator is of utmost importance. Free State Care In Action (FSCIA) places a very high premium on the early development of children. Several pre-primary nursery schools and day care centers are managed under the auspices of the organisation to succeed in this goal. Emphasis is placed on providing quality preschool care and stimulating less privileged toddlers.