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Teenage Pregnancy, a reality …

Teenage pregnancy is a reality.  Statistics released by the Department of Education showed that more than 20 000 teenage girls became pregnant in one school year.  Even more shocking is that 717 of these girls were still in primary school.

It is accepted that an unwanted pregnancy during the teenage years can place a huge burden on the child.  It could potentially lead to permanent damage of the child’s personality and can have devastating consequences.  The reality of STD’s and HIV/AIDS contributes to the burden.

Factors contributing to teenage pregnancy:

  • Low educational level
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Absence of a father figure
  • Permanent relationships before the age of 16 years
  • Limited knowledge of sexuality and prevention
  • Moral decay
  • Lack of parental discipline and care
  • Relationships with older men

Possible consequences of teenage pregnancy

  • Dangerous abortions that can lead to death
  • Psychological shock and trauma
  • Higher risk of depression and suicide
  • Problems with relationships
  • Health risks

Important factors to consider

  • Consequences of interrupted education or leaving school
  • Returning to school and handling of the situation
  • Poor parental skills of teenager due to lack of emotional maturity
  • Financial problems

Guidelines how to handle the situation constructively

  • Teenager must inform her parents
  • All parties involved must stay calm
  • Discuss all possible options
  • Open communication is important
  • Find professional help

FCIA has qualified and trained professional staff that can assist the teenager, as well as all other parties involved, in coping with the situation.