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The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on the family and society

Teenage pregnancy is not isolated to the teenager, but have for sure an impact on the family of the teenager, as well as the society.  Research has pointed out the following:

  • A Family Connection – Siblings of teenage moms are at an increased risk of becoming teenage parents themselves.
  • Increased Risk of Living in Poverty – Teenage pregnancy increases the risk of living in poverty, both for the teen parents themselves and for their children.
  • Lower Academic Rates in Children – The children of teenage moms often obtain lower academic scores in school than children of older parents. Lack of parental care and knowledge.
  • Increased risk of death – Due to underdeveloped bodies and lack of proper pre-natal care, teenage pregnancy in girls between ages 15 and 20 are twice as likely to result in the mom dying during the pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Higher incidence of male children ending up in prison – Sons of teenage moms have a higher risk of ending up in prison than sons of older moms. Again, the major factor in this is the socio-economic status of the child, and not necessarily the mom herself.
  • Less likely to marry -Teen moms are more likely to remain single than older moms.
  • Teenage pregnancy affects society in many ways -especially in the form of greater public expenses, such as foster care, welfare programs and health services.
  • Impact on society and the public – Pregnant teenagers do not have a life built up to support a baby, so they often need the help of those around them. This help comes in the form of informal community support, such as babysitting or hand-me-down baby essentials. These parents also usually need help from the local municipality, state or welfare organizations in the form of food parcels, Child support grant, etc.
  • Long-term effects include lack of education of both the parents and child. Teen parents tend to leave school or not attend college, which limits their potential contributions to society and prospects for career advancement. The children of teenage parents often face many of the same challenges as their parents. This puts a continuing cycle of strain on society, especially social welfare programs. Increased health care costs for both teen parents and their children cost the public a large amount of money, as well.

When looking at these studies and the results, it is important to remember that many teenage moms go on to live wonderful, fulfilling lives and raise brilliant children that go on to become successful adults. The best way to avoid complications is to ensure that teen parents have a strong support system.