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Voluntary work at FCIA

Although the profile of the volunteers has changed considerably over the years, their services are constantly indispensable and it continues to form the backbone of the FCIA. They are the gears that help the mechanism run smoothly and it is important to give them the recognition they deserve.


Voluntary work must be a decision a person takes of one’s own free will without expecting compensation. It is about giving. Volunteers are kind, optimistic, reassuring, enthusiastic and most of all selfless. A volunteer functions under accompaniment of the branch management, an experienced volunteer or a member of the personnel.


o Volunteers support the principles and mission of the organisation – to care, to develop and to empower people in need.

o The involvement of volunteers strengthens any community and promotes positive social change.

o Volunteer involvement benefits the volunteer as well as the organisation through socialising with other volunteers, personal growth and development, the acquisition of new skills and living up to one’s interests and skills.

o Voluntary work increases the capacity of the organisation and enhances the possibility of achieving objectives.

o Volunteers give their time, skills and energy in different ways to the advantage of the organisation and community.

o They put passion, time, energy and efforts into the cause.

o They bring ideas, positive energy and a beautiful intensity.

o The success of a branch or project largely depends on the dedication, spirit of enterprise and creativity of volunteer  participation.


Volunteers give the world the greatest gift of care. FCIA is looking forward to team with 2022 volunteers and continuing to make a difference together.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart” – Elizabeth Andrew