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The After School Care Centre (ASCC) is a project of the Free State Care in Action – a non-profitable charity organisation.

The ASCC provide after school care for up to 30 poor and underprivileged primary school children under the supervision of three teachers.

The purpose is to provide

  • a safe haven for these children where they are well fed, looked after and helped with their homework.
  • educational needs such as homework, school uniforms, stationary and other school necessities. These are addressed, allowing them to fit into the social mainstream at the school, enabling them to maintain their human dignity and pride, contributing to human empowerment.
  • improved levels of nutrition. Each household receives a monthly, and when possible, often bi-weekly food parcel, consisting of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit, as well as nonperishable products and toiletries.
  • some of the children, after severe trauma, to receive psychotherapy from a Clinical Psychologist.
  • prescription glasses, where necessary.
  • spiritual and emotional guidance to help them cope with the challenges they face every day.
  • the needs to make their birthdays and Christmas special.
  • Casual wear clothes, especially during the very cold winter months.
  • Safe transport from school to the ASCC and to their homes.