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What are the care options for older persons?

As people age, they often look into relocating. There are mainly 3 options available for older persons and their children to choose from when they need to decide on a care or living facility.

Independent living

When an elderly person still has the physical and mental capacity to live independently, but wants companionship with others who are their age, independent living could be a good option. Independent living housing facilities promote older persons active lifestyles while offering a secure environment and providing specific services and amenities related to elderly people’s needs.

Before spending time finding the right independent living facility for your senior parent, first determine if your parent is a good candidate for independent living. Ask these questions:

  • Are they in good health?
  • Can they manage medications and doctor appointments on their own?
  • Would they enjoy living in a community with their peers?
  • Would they prefer the extra security provided by these communities?
  • Can they afford the costs for this kind of living? If not, are they willing to live in low-income senior housing?

Free State care in Action has 17 independent living facilities throughout the Free State Province.  These facilities provide older persons with the opportunity to live independently but with a variety of services and activities to choose from.

Assisted living

Assisted living is a great option for older persons who have difficulty with daily activities needed for living independently. Residents at assisted living facilities are free to live an independent lifestyle, but also receive regular support for a range of daily activities ranging from cleaning to meals. Housekeeping along with laundry services, utilities, transportation and meals are the options available to choose from. In addition to enjoying the peace of mind that comes from this maintenance-free lifestyle, residents can take advantage of a full calendar of events, activities, out-trips, and countless opportunities for social engagement. Additional care services, such as medication management or assistance taking a shower, are also readily available.

Free State Care in Action is dedicated to keep older persons independent as long as possible.  Several of our facilities offer residents to opportunity to choose the level of care they want to receive.  Residents are encouraged to do as much as possible on their own.

Long-term Care

Long-term care is a reality and often inevitable for many older persons.  As the elderly become frail and vulnerable are they in need of full-time care.  Free State Care in Action is able to provide frail older persons with the necessary care within our 14 care facilities.  We are providing care services by creating a home away from home.  We are changing the culture of long-term care in order to support our residents in living a meaningful life.

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