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What are the education options when my child finish school

So your child has finished matric, but is unsure if, where and what she should study.  Study options are based on whether she has completed matric or not, funding available, family expectations, personal interests and skills.  While a university degree is invaluable, it is important to take note of the fact that it is not the only means of earning a tertiary education. Other options are available.

School leaver programmes provide the student with the extensive experience and knowledge they need to succeed in the working world.  It also provides them with the literacy skills that are necessary in their chosen field.

There are also traineeships and internships to consider. Many candidates may not find the idea of spending time in lecture halls appealing.  They may, however, find value in hands-on apprenticeship.  These work-based schemes provide practical skills plus a qualification.  Students can earn a wage while they complete their training.

Distance learning often has courses which can be enrolled at any time.  This is especially attractive to people who want to boost their career prospects but who have to juggle a job, family or both. The internet brings education to as many people as possible.  This is done through recorded lectures, assigned readings and problem sets that must be completed.  Student forums allow students to interact with each other to aid their learning.

There are a number of academies and specialised schools across South Africa.  This gives the student the opportunity to specialise in one subject or skill.  The certificate or diploma acquired from a recognised academy or specialised school is worth just as much as a university degree.

Public Further Education and Training Colleges (FET) focus on trade skills and craft skills. This offers a combination of theoretical training and practical/work-related training. After completion, the student will have a National Certificate.

Universities of Technology provide a wide range of courses.  Requirements to study at these institutions are more relaxed than universities.  After completion, the student will have a National Diploma or B.Tech degree.

Almost every major city in South Africa has at least one University.  The student attending one of these should now that the emphasis is placed on academic and formal learning.  Admission requirements are subject and degree specific.

As a parent you want to help your child find a fulfilling career, but in order to make the right choices, you need to have all the facts.  Free State Care in Action will assist you and may refer you to a qualified educational psychologist if necessary.  Contact us at 051-4446143 if you need the contact details of a social worker in your area.