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Why go to a playgroup?

Parents often have to choose whether they must send their child to a playgroup or leave the child at home. Children under 5 years old are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. They need an environment where they can play and learn. Playgroups offer babies, toddlers and young children a wide variety of early learning experiences.

Playgroups allow the child to develop social skills at their own pace. The playgroup is a safe environment that allows the child to engage socially with others. This gives them the opportunity to learn about social boundaries – a very important lesson for adulthood.

A child’s emotional security comes from his relationship with parents, grandparents and carers. This gives the child a sense of attachment and stability. By taking a child to a playgroup gives parents the opportunity to play and interact with their child. This is a shared experience and strengthens the relationship between the child and the parent of carer. This build’s the child’s emotional confidence.

Playgroups are equipped with a variety of outdoor equipment which encourages physical activity. Indoor toys provide a space for children to participate in and enjoy new activities. Creative thinking is important to the next generation. To allow children to lay in an unstructured way will develop creative thinking. Role-play is a simple way for children to engage with the world and develop their imagination. The playgroup is the perfect place to bring more characters into the child’s life.

Free State Care in Action realises the importance of play in a child’s life. The organisation is involved in empowering playgroups in areas where children are often the victim of poverty and poor infrastructure. The organisation partners with other stakeholders to assist playgroups with infrastructure and providing children attending these playgroups with a much needed meal.  Playgroup facilitators are trained to become skilled practitioners in early childhood development. Free State Care in Action is aiming to create an environment where children have the opportunity to develop their potential.