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Women vs Men – In the Workplace

We are all aware that there’s a serious gender imbalance in the workplace, particularly across leadership roles and particularly in technology. But this imbalance doesn’t have to define women.

Rather than isolate themselves at female-only events, or openly complain about an issue that needs to be addressed, people can simply recognize, respect, and embrace the fact that men and women bring different but often hugely complementary skills to the table. If nurtured and developed, it can be a very powerful and highly successful combination for any business.

So what can we do to help right the gender imbalance for current and future generations?

  1. Be Authentic

Women and men often feel they have to act a certain way in the workplace in order to be successful. It is important to just be yourself. You’ll be surprised how much more receptive people will be to you.

  1. Play to Your Strengths

Recognize your talents and use them to your advantage.

  1. Support One Another

It’s important for women to have a supportive, positive work environment. Try to make an effort to connect with other women in your company and industry by attending networking and skill development events.

Women do so much more to lead by example and help foster a better balance between men and women in the workplace. Women have a responsibility to help other women succeed. (

Free State Care in Action is dedicated to encouraging women to become leaders in their communities.  Projects such as skills development, job creation, and women clubs are only a few examples of how Free State Care in Action can assist women in becoming great at what they do.  Contact Free State Care in Action on 051-444 6143 for more information.