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Archive for February, 2018

The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on the family and society

Teenage pregnancy is not isolated to the teenager, but have for sure an impact on the family of the teenager, as well as the society.  Research has pointed out the following: A Family Connection – Siblings of teenage moms are at an increased risk of becoming teenage parents themselves. Increased

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The Emotional Impact of Teenage Pregnancy on the Teen Self

Teenage pregnancy has already been called an epidemic. But the tragic consequences of this problem can best be understood when looking at the impact of pregnancy on a terrified teenage girl. To say the least, she will experience drastic changes in her life that will not only have a big

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Teenage Pregnancy, a reality …

Teenage pregnancy is a reality.  Statistics released by the Department of Education showed that more than 20 000 teenage girls became pregnant in one school year.  Even more shocking is that 717 of these girls were still in primary school. It is accepted that an unwanted pregnancy during the teenage years

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