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Free State Care

FCIA 2021

2020 was truly a year of change for Free State Care in Action (FCIA). Not only did Covid-19 hamper most of FCIA`s services, but the organisation also experienced major structural changes. On 31 May 2020 the organisation’s Director and Financial Manager retired. This was the end of an era, but

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Our Services 2021

FCIA is a non-profit organization and distinguishes itself from other welfare organizations by delivering services to all people regardless of religion, gender or age. We protect, safeguard and develop children Including: social work services, protection of vulnerable and abused children, supervision services to children in foster care, therapeutic services, awareness

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The role family plays in the life of older persons

Family is an integral part of everyone’s life.  It is our connection to the past and to the future.  The importance of family increase with the advance of age as older persons need more support and help in their later life. Family relationships are important at every stage of life.

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