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The care of older persons is an important division of services rendered by Free State Care in Action.

Services involve social work support service, community service centre’s, frail care-, assisted living- and independent living facilities. The aim of Free State Care in Action’s services to older persons is to ensure that they receive services that support their dignity and enable them to function optimally as long as possible.

It is important for the organisation that services keep up with the constant change of the needs of an older person and to ensure the quality of life regardless the care needs and support that the older person requires. The approach is to create a supporting environment wherein the older person will be respected, empowered and supported.


Free State Care in Action realised that a change was needed regarding the approach of all facets of service delivery to older persons and started this culture change in 2009 by changing the service delivery model. Based on the principles of the Eden Alternative philosophy, Free State Care in Action undertook the path to transform services to a more person centred care model where the opportunity is created to establish a warm, homely environment with spontaneous contact with plants, pets, children and the community.

Older persons are allowed to make their own choices with regards to their needs within a friendly, supporting environment to combat loneliness, boredom and helplessness. (for more information on Eden visit

Social Work Support Services

Social workers provide older persons with the necessary support in order to assist them to stay independent in their communities for as long as possible. These support services can entail assistance with social grants, therapeutic service and poverty alleviation.

Community Service Centres

Five Clubs and eight community centres provide active older persons the opportunity to live independently within the community for as long as possible. These services include among other the opportunity to socialize, receive health service, transport, home assistance and the provision of meals.

Independent living housing schemes

Through the establishment of 22 independent living housing schemes can Free State Care in Action provide affordable housing to self-supporting older persons. These schemes provide different models of housing either through life-right agreements or rental agreements.

Assisted living facilities

Free State Care in Action provides accommodation for older persons  that can function individually but need some form of support. Eight assisted living facilities provide older persons with the opportunity to receive assistance with tasks that they cannot perform by themselves without losing their independence. Assisted services can entail, cleaning services, medication control, the provision of meals or any other support service.

Frail care facilities

Free State Care in Action delivers services to frail older persons through 13 care facilities. These facilities provide excellent care services that ensure optimal quality of life for all residents. Free State Care in Action has been providing institutional care to older persons since 1923.

Frail care services are delivered by well trained and equipped personnel. This ensure that residents receive services that meets every need.  Free State Care in Action partners with all stakeholders and communities to ensure that institutional care can be delivered affordably to older persons.


Our permanent staff corps:

Care for Older Persons Staff

They are supported by a strong team of volunteers.

TOTAL:                        370